E-virtual conecta o sistema bancário tradicional ao mundo cripto
Entering the blockchain world can be complicated, frustrating and even overwhelming. By understanding that, we created a simple interface for a simplified access. You can transfer euros to your IBAN account and go from there.

E-Virtual is a multi-function platform that includes a crypto exchange, a stablecoin pegged to EUR and a legacy payment system. E-Virtual’s decentralized exchange is fully powered by the 1inch API enabling users to benefit from fast swaps and most favorable rates. Since E-Virtual holds a European crypto license, it is authorized to provide exchange services of fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto, as well as custody of such assets. In the company’s immediate plans is the launch of a fiat gateway, which will provide users with dedicated IBAN accounts, debit cards and the opportunity to do European and international fiat transfers.
EURV is E-Virtual’s stablecoin pegged to EUR and fully backed by Euro at all times.
More then 700 000 000 000 (700 Billion) Euros were transacted between 06/20 and 06/21 - Just in Europe* .
Why these huge numbers? Because large institutions, with big money, found great opportunities in the blockchain.
Empresa: E-virtual (EURV)
Arquitetura: Ruddi Saad
UI: Ruddi Saad


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